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and discover the latest cybersecurity solutions!

November 16 -17 @ West University of Timisoara

Up to 10 CPE hours by ISACA

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Education for Cybersecurity
This section focuses on the importance of educational programs in cybersecurity, aiming to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect against cyber threats. Attendees will learn about the latest research, best practices, and innovative teaching methods to prepare for careers in this critical field. Engage with experts on how to build a strong foundation in cyber defense, ethical hacking, and network security.


Cybersecurity for
Explore in-depth sessions that analyze the complex cybersecurity challenges faced by modern enterprises. Gain insights into establishing robust security frameworks, conducting effective vulnerability assessments, and leveraging cybersecurity intelligence. Corporate leaders and IT professionals will discuss case studies on successful security transformations and how to foster a culture of security awareness within an organization.


Cybersecurity in
the Real-World
Participate in dynamic panel discussions that bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world cyber threats. It examines case studies of cyber attacks, the evolving landscape of cyber threats, and practical measures that individuals and organizations can take to enhance their digital resilience in the face of these challenges.


Blockchain Economics in Business and Research
This course will focus on educating students about DLT systems enabling them to develop conceptual as well as practical solutions, as well as will learn how to generate new theoretical insights based upon their research.


Network Labyrinth {Exhibition of Computer Networks}
Throughout the exhibition, you’ll encounter a host of interactive displays and hands-on exhibits that will deepen your understanding of networks and cybersecurity. Explore the inner workings of routers, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Learn how to create secure passwords, protect your online identity, and safeguard your data from prying eyes. Powered by FSS Networking and Information Technology
Welcome to the world of cybersecurity

Welcome to the world of cybersecurity

CyberWeek@UVT is the leading event in the field of cybersecurity education, enterprise protection, and real-world defense. Join us and learn from the best experts in the academia and industry, share your experience and build your network.

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